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全明星后复工甘当陪衬 CJ一战彰显全面In the last season was the MIP (most improved player), CJ- McCallum in the season further, seems to have become the new king of cheap nba jerseys so far, his three hit rate total close to 180%, the league can look at this point that CJ is the only one Stephen – curitiba. Compared to the first team in the visible Damian Lillard, CJ in stability obviously were much better.

But today the road to face magic, CJ seems to have failed to from the all star weekend vacation state will jump out, wholesale jerseys his first few shots were missed, until he was half day with a pull-up jumper to get 2 points.

However, the poor feel does not mean that CJ cannot all contribute to the team, the first is the end of his three pointers to pinpoint the basket Davies layup. Today, the 25 year old CJ is still constantly enrich cheap nba jerseys themselves, and his passing Kung Fu day after day in the grinding is becoming increasingly skilled.

The second section of the game, CJ is still trying to find the handle, but with little success, for which he had to change his mind, and more inside attack. Fortunately, this time his efforts were not in vain, today he was in the first wholesale jerseys half and then hit 5 free throws, and all hit, leading the Blazers have always been on the road to bite the difference.

However, when the game into the third quarter, the magic won the wave of small climax will lead to two digits, then CJ suddenly started to play him in the middle of this section for the precision of the CIC for the team to stop cheap nba jerseys, at the end of the three, the Blazers also successfully match the suspense to the last day.

Distal game, with CJ also began to play a game, take a back seat, right close to his teammates would fire control, the single cut down Lillard deliver the goods, 17 points, with Napier at the end of the game 33.2 seconds wholesale jerseysfrom assists Cleveland Cavaliers completed a locking victory, the Blazers also complete reversal in the away end. Losing streak.

This game, although CJ did not feel to the best, but his passing today is remarkable, today he sent a total of 6 assists, the highest audience. We often regard the comprehensiveness as an important standard to evaluate whether a player has reached the level of the star, obviously the young CJ is working hard cheap nba jerseys in this direction.

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