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暴砍45分难破波特兰 威少无三双雷霆依旧难赢球NBA announced last month’s best players in the East and West, Russell – Westbrook was elected cheap nba jerseys the best western. Throughout the February, Wei has maintained a three double average, with a score of 33.4 points (first league), with a total of three rebounds (tied to the west of fifth) and a second aid (League of fifth) (see chart), with a total of 11 points. Last month, down 6 times three pairs of small, even three of the season to 30 games, only 31 Oscar Robertson in the 1961-62 season 41 and Wilt Chamberlain in the 1967-68 season.

In the past 4 games, Wei less cut for the next three consecutive double, led the team to usher in a winning streak of 4 games in the last 4 games. Perhaps the fear in Westbrook had three pairs such as cutting and thunder recent cheap jerseys from china strong performance, the Blazers will try to cut Westbrook mate with contact, not to let him pass, and put his own storm. This strategy Portland beginning does work in the game, a practice for teammate Westbrook is difficult to find a comfortable position for the ball, but his shot was also ineffective, the  Los Angeles Lakers will be the opponent playing stop soon.

After the suspension, Westbrook to strengthen the individual attack, the first floor is a three minute touch and then back the ball quickly pushed back to the basket, go by like the wind cheap nba jerseys generally kill, layup, behind the game all pull not. The second section Portland guns bombarded, thunder and opponents opened only 10 points. When Westbrook feel open, just a minute, he outside soared in three minutes, a three minute reconstruction Lillard foul, who scored 9 points.

After the easy side battles, Westbrook offensive firepower continues unabated, the two consecutive record three points such as water bombs, overwhelming opponents. The middle of the third quarter, cheap jerseys from china the basket, a sudden acceleration, although opponents 3 people fly out to intercept, but still can not resist Westbrook, 2+1 fight, too cross!
A distal Westbrook, for their own long stagnation assists to add a ball to Aboolian, the knife. Although this day thunder steadily lead to 7 points, with a winner, but the Blazers shot a wave of 16-0 climax, let the score reversal. Thunder team suddenly power, Wei is no exception, they did not win the game.

The audience down, Westbrook 12 of 36 shots and scored 45 points and 8 rebounds and 4 assists, could not continue the three double performance, but this is his third consecutive games scoring 40, becoming Kobe after the first play this player. Although Wei himself has gorgeous data, but also exposed a problem. So far this season, when Wei cut down three pairs, the thunder of 24 wins and 6 losses, while in other games, the thunder is only 11 wins and 20 losses. When the opponent cut off the connection cheap nba jerseys between the Wei and the other players, the thunder is no longer a tough team to beat.

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实力榜:勇士榜首火箭第三 骑士跌至第四The League announced the latest list of the strength of the team, the warriors in the top, the Spurs and rockets wholesale jerseys in second and third, the Cavaliers fell to fourth. Durant hurt his left hand, and in the last 14 games, Green scored only twice in the last 3 games. But the warriors’ offense is still high and the defense can keep up with the season. Currently, the warriors have been locked in a playoff seat in advance.

Although Paul – Gasol comeback, but the Spurs to maintain the starting lineup before, and the replacement of the bench seems to adapt to the Indiana Pacers. After the comeback of the 2 games, Gasol scored a total of 32 points, a total of three points and a total of 5 shots, grabbed a total of 18 rebounds. Next, the Spurs had only 8 games, and they are on the road every 100 rounds of scoring 8.2 points ranked first in the league. With the road to join the Rockets in the past 2 games, a total of a total of 109 shots, it seems that they are ready to cheap nba jerseys put the ball in the end of the three points in the end. In March, the Rockets will play 2 games against the warriors. This season, when the warriors opponents scored at least 12 points in the game, their record is 7 wins and 6 losses; on the contrary, it is a victory of 42 and a loss of 3. So the Rockets might be right.

The three part is still feeling Korver (hot three in February hit rate as high as 63%), Williams and boggarts will join the knights. But the most important is James, once he misses, the Cavaliers will not win. The Jazz have risen to fourth. Over the past month, their offensive efficiency League seventh wholesale jerseys, Hayward and Hill’s shooting percentage of the total reached 50%, the ball hit the ball at a rate of three points by 40%. If you can recover the hood after the return, then Sir and efficiency are ranked in the top 10.

This year’s trade deadline, the Celtics are still in their hands at least halt the troops and wait, still holding the nets cheap nba jerseys first round draft picks, and plan for the future. The Norwich franchise Bojan increased depth wizards, but 2 consecutive games, the Wizards bench performance is not ideal, and suffered 2 defeats.

Trading deadline, thunder and bull to complete the transaction, and strengthened the lineup. In addition, Indiana Pacersr also recovered. Yesterday, the thunder beat the pelican game, Westbrook again get three pairs, but the thunder, in order to enhance the ranking in the west, when Westbrook at the end of the team’s performance is very important. Although the lineup depth thunder strengthened, but oladipo wholesale jerseys injury can not be ignored. Although Lori injured last week, but the Raptors new signings Ibaka and Tucker did well in their 2 game win over Celtic and pioneers in a total of 22 minutes on the pitch with positive and negative value of 16. The IBA in 2 games scored 33 points, Tucker put Isiah Thomas’s fourth day score in 4 minutes.

In the past 2 games, Griffin scored a total of 72 points, shooting rate of 56%. But the return of Paul and did not let the Clippers defense back on track, and his 32 vote in only 10. In addition, the Clippers made only 3 wins and 11 losses in the past 7 back-to-back, and cheap nba jerseys they have 6 left to play back-to-back.