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保罗:这是场艰难失利 伦纳德:向季后赛进军 The first game Paul comeback, the Clippers home wholesale jerseys court against the Spurs, ending three consecutive win over rivals.

This game is the Clippers back-to-back second, spurs is the first game after nine days rest, Gasol also choose to return in this game, and played two pairs of 17+11.Leonard scored a team cheap jerseys from china high 21 points and 6 assists, but at the end of the third quarter with 5 fouls, the coach said in an interview: “when there is a bit confusing, but it may remind me of the time for a break.”

Today, the first two teams did not score more than 20 points, spurs 18-13 lead by 5 points, the team hit rate of only 35%. Fortunately, they established a leading edge in the third quarter, and maintained to the end. Ginobili attributed the victory to everyone’s efforts: “it’s good to see that the team wholesale jerseys is doing well and playing well. It was a great team effort and a great defense. After all, the first game after the break was a bit difficult for everyone.”

Leonard also recognized the efforts of everyone: “our last 20 games (state) is declining, it is time for us as a team to fight the battle, to enter the playoffs, the weakness of reinforcement.” For the clippers, these two days can be difficult, they not only fighting back to back, and the opponent Denver Nuggets or the best record in the League two teams. This was the all star before winning the Clippers to swallow two game losing cheap jerseys from china streak of the season, the Clippers second back-to-back games 7 games only 2 wins, Rivers believes the next team should play more organization.

Talking about the first comeback after feeling, Paul: “I feel pretty unscathed back, this is very good. Although this is a difficult defeat, but to participate in the whole process makes me feel good.” Griffin’s face in the game to hit the opponent, eye bleeding, but he returned to the locker room only put a band aid and then back on the field, it is understood that Griffin after the match in the face four stitches. The next day the Clippers will be trimmed, and then against the Hornets in the home court; the earlier in the day against wholesale jerseys the Lakers at the same venue, before the two against the Spurs win by rival 49.