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斯帅:白边打出了自己的最高水平     The heat beat the rockets at 117-109 away from the season. The heat here, the Hassan – Whiteside strong to dominate, he scored 23 points and 14 rebounds and 5 blocks, eventually led the team to sweep rival on the road.

“When he (Whiteside) to the strength, effort and attention to playing tennis, and obviously we will become a completely cheap nba jerseys different team,” Miami coach Spoelstra said after comment on the white side of the performance, “today he played out the highest level since he has, with height and strength their major effects were caused on both ends.”

In addition to white edge cut double, Vettese today and de Rakic also scored 20+, with a day before a run of 13 consecutive wins, Miami is unprecedented cohesion. “All of today’s are always cheap jerseys from china together,” White said after the game, we are a big family, and we each have their own attitude put a very positive, has been closely connected with each other between us.”

On the season, white edge had played a total of 8 times 20 points inside the super data +10 +5 rebounds to cover, and this season is not a person can play more than 3 times the data. So visible in the white cheap nba jerseys edge of the powerful rule. “When there is such a huge monster in front of you, you will know that he will cover you shot, but it also helps us,” de Rakic said after the game, “he (Bai Bian) played an impressive performance tonight online .”

The day before the 14 game winning streak on the road, Miami is somewhat unexpected defeat on the road 76, unfortunately stopped winning streak. After the defeat to 76 people in just one day, they again in the home court to Orlando Magic, suffered two defeats. Miami coach Spoelstra said after the game cheap jerseys from china, the team losing streak will be in a certain extent on the team ahead of the faith, and in such adverse circumstances, a victory will help to broaden their horizons.

“There is no short cut to the growth of a basketball team, which starts with the fact that everyone has to broaden their horizons and take responsibility for the past two defeats online .” Spokane said after the game, “today we played very tough, and this is our guidelines in Japan must be carried out.” Speaking after the game today scored 23 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists Vettese, he also praised the handsome cheap nba jerseys show comprehensive skill. “I like the way he plays , and he showed us his versatility tonight,” said Si Shuai. “Obviously he has proven himself to be a great basketball player.”

At the end of today’s game, the heat will officially enter the All Star Holiday in Beijing on February 25th, they will usher in the first game after the all star, the opponent is the Atlanta hawks.