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伤病磨砺 灰熊盼以更强姿态进军季后赛Cheap nba jerseys bear’s latest injury report, they are all healthy and stay away from injury. If there is anyone who missed the game, it may be the holiday. Chandler Parsons has recovered from a knee injury, Brandon – White to get rid of the substitute striker ankle problem due to vertebral transverse fracture absent over a period of time Mike Conley had returned, and defense gate Toni – Allen is not their groin injury problems. In addition, Mark – Gasol also get rid of the foot injury, also appeared in this year’s all star.

“I think our chemistry is starting to happen,” said Zach Randolph. “People are slowly cheap jerseys from china and starting to do better, especially at the defensive end.” Just a year ago at this time, suffered a broken right foot, Gasol underwent surgery, which let him direct season reimbursement. It is from then on, grizzly bear’s injury problems, such as the tide, they had to take a short signature, the use of special cases such as injury to repair the lineup. Over the course of the season, a total of 28 people have appeared in the list of players in Memphis, a record high league. They still stuck in the playoffs, but were swept out of the Spurs in the first round.

Last season, the Grizzlies haze continues to the first three months of the season. Conley was missing in the war over 11 games, including 9 games because of a back injury. White since 2015 to Memphis, knee problems repeatedly, so he missed the first 49 games of the season. The cheap nba jerseys in the free agent market the main harvest — Parsons also because of knee problems over 17 truce. The Grizzlies once only 9 men opponent.

“To have more weapons, is certainly a good thing to come,” this season just took over the post of the Grizzlies coach David fize said DELL. “It’s fun to win the game with 9 Nine (Nasty), but I’ll tell you that only about 9 people feel bad about it.” As a result of injuries, fize often have to adjust the lineup of DELL. But in his view, the regular season training can make more cheap jerseys from china adequate preparation for memphis. “We’ve been through a lot this season and I think there’s a positive part of it that makes me ready for different situations,” said Faiz Dale. “When a player falls down because of injury or has to rest, no one else is in a panic. This experience has taught me a lot about experience.”

Gasol is averaging 20.6 points, 6.2 rebounds and a total of 4.3 assists this season, and he has been selected as a full star for his career. In the promotion of the original DELL fizz, with low attack and the ability to vote in little Gasol, the skill in the bag has added a weapon – three ball. This season Gasol has hit 77 of three points, to know the 8 former occupation cheap nba jerseys season he hit a total of only 12 three points. Conley also made progress, averaging 19.3 points, 6.2 assists, three pointer hit rate reached 41%. “The impact of other ways to attack the area, I can decisively,” Conley said. “I am very excited, but also on the health of the second half of the year is full of expectations.”

The Grizzlies have 24 games left in the regular season, and now they are ranked sixth in the Western Conference with a record of 34 wins and 24 losses, and they have to reach at least fourth of their positions in the playoffs. In the fourth row is the clippers, leading the Grizzlies 2 wins. At present, the Grizzlies ahead of the eighth nuggets in the west of the winning field, if they can maintain the current state of health, Charlotte Hornets for the first time in a row for seventh consecutive years should not be difficult to enter cheap jerseys from china.