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Magic Johnson took office as the Lakers basketball executive, ESPN expert Kevin peardon wrote, to discuss how to rebuild the magician back on track, he made three of his own views:

1.In the day before the trading deadline back

With the card Palin became general manager wholesale jerseys, Lakers management is now the main members include magician, assistant general manager Ryan West, Joey bass and Jesse bass. The magician admitted that he was still learning NBA’s labor system and its operation. After the walk, their business is not done. Nick Yang Rengran is a valuable bargaining chip, which has the right to jump out of the contract and become a free agent this summer.

2.Try their best to retain 17 and 19 years of draft

This year’s lottery is crucial to the future of the Lakers, they are the first three protection, if they can get to hold their own 19 years of first round pick. If you do not get the top three, their first round of the year will be signed to 76 people; the worst case, the Lakers in the next three years, only the first round of 2018 wardrobe cheap jerseys free shipping. The Lakers first round pick (pick) of the major competitors, they are still less than 10 wins, 19 even if the Lakers lose the next game, they can still record better than Brooklyn Nets.

The only thing the Lakers can control is whether they get the second worst record in the league, they are in the lead in the sun, and the team has lost the last 39 games, the Lakers need to play worse than the opponent. It is true that wholesale jerseys the team culture and winning habits is important, but do not forget how the warriors of 2011-12 is bad, three years later they won the NBA championship. The 12 year of the draft, they got the starting small forward Harrison Barnes.

3.Only the big contract to the stars

Soon with the Lakers signed a big contract, Mozi and Rolle Deng’s role now only stay in the locker room. Luke – Walton has chosen the younger of the likes of Ingram and the – and – of – the – and – of – the – and – of – the – and – the – the -. Deng and Mozi’s contract limits the Lakers this season, the Lakers away cheap jerseys free shipping contract is likely to be a pick, instead of this, the only thing you can do is not to repeat his predecessor’s mistakes, don’t give in his long-term plans in the agent contract Brooklyn Nets.

In the summer of 2018 is the opportunity for the Lakers, George and Paul will be a free agent. Of course, these players are likely to renew the contract with the old club, even if the Lakers can not sign big names, but also to maintain the flexibility of the contract. Kupchak and Jimmy – the wrong bass are guilty, the magician should now bring wholesale jerseys order out of chaos.