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Atlanta Hawks if the deal will give the king of a convincing reason is that they may not know their surrounding cousins and his character build a winning play fast and loose. If you want to help him develop the habit of winning, then you need to give Cousins too much power in the team. But it is still not enough to support the deal.Wholesale jerseys it also shows that they have different views on Hilde from the other teams in the league, while the king appears to receive a seemingly modest return.

In the last year before the draft, have been reported as vice president and general manager of the kings basketball business diwaci very liked Hilde, even to trade to the Lakers pick and selected him in the Simmons after. So far, Hilde did not achieve the expected. After the start of the season slow state, he is only a three hit rate is slightly higher than the league average (36.9%) shooter. Especially in the inside scoring has done quite a struggle cheap jerseys free shipping, hit rate is only 51.7% to three feet from the basket shot, this let Hilde’s true shooting percentage is only 50.2%, far below the league average of 55.2%.

Hilde on the defensive end even much worse, the scouts had worried that problems are verified. According to the real value of positive and negative ESPN data show that the presence of Hilde, every 100 rounds points than other players in all 2.5 points, shooting guard came in ten after the countdown. On the whole, his real positive and negative -4.5 ranked ten in the League of all players. At present, the kings only at the point guard position,Wholesale jerseys have gathered three true positive and negative value of 15 players after the countdown: Hilde, afflaalo and Ben Maikelemo.

If Hilde has the potential to be as good as Ingram, then the rookie season is also acceptable, and the Lakers have refused to use the new deal in the previous deal with the new deal in the eyes of the. But Hilde is 23 years old, and he is only a young man with a career of more than a year of experience for the past 10 months, even though the latter has gradually lost his place in the king of the world, and that is, for the first time in his life, the young man, who has a career of more than 4 years. And compared to the two season cheap jerseys free shipping before being traded to the king Nick stauth Castro, Hilde is only five months younger than him.

As a comparison, his performance in the remaining three years of his rookie contract is even worse than Wayne Wellington and Anthony morrow, so the business value of Hilde really was overrated. In trading for Hilde at the same time, the Kings also got the pelican first round draft pick this year. If the season at the end of the day, then they will be in the lottery ranked ninth. Of course, after getting cousins,Wholesale jerseys the pelican is likely to surpass the Denver and Portland, the king rose to eighth in the western, the first round draft picks will become fifteenth or 16 CIS position.

In this sense, if the king is eager to get rid of the management of the test, it is understandable. But if the deal for the king to flip it, just started to rebuild the road.